Spreading the 17,000 islands which make up Indonesia you’ll be hard pushed not to find an azure of crystal clear water and white sand beach stretching the island’s vistas dotted with some of the world’s best surf breaks and a multitude of opportunities for divers of all abilities.
The six million square kilometer space makes up nearly 76% of the worlds coral species, macro, microspecies and impressive flora and fauna.

Indonesia is one of the most culturally diverse and the fourth most populous country in the world. From the metropolitan cityscape of Jakarta’s urban professionals to rice farmers, fruit growers and fishermen. Making a living from the lands natural resources while local tribes inhabit some of the most remote corners of the world, some only recently discovered and still following prehistoric traditions of culture and survival.


Indonesia’s roots date further back before they were colonised by the Dutch and became independent after World War II.
The volcanic islands of Indonesia rise from both the Indian and Pacific oceans at the centre point of the Coral Triangle.
Covering a vast expanse of nearly three million square kilometres of marine species and aquatic life. Reportedly home to almost 17% of the world’s total coral reefs and arguably the best yacht cruising areas on the planet.

This chain of over 17,000 islands stretches over 5,000 kilometres making the possibility of adventure, underwater exploration and cultural experiences almost limitless. Whether you are drawn to the areas picturesque sandy shorelines of pink, black and other colourful hues to park up and enjoy exquisite sunsets, you’re looking for a culture that’s spiritual and rich in history, trekking through the wilderness and high upon mountainous ranges and rocky inlets or surfing world class sea breaks there is no such variety of activities found anywhere else on the planet.


Made up of over three hundred ethnic groups, speaking 52 different languages, it is a culture proud of their daily customs and traditions which has become a spiritual center point of Indonesia

The rich culture is explained through inspirational works of art, paintings, sculptures, music and dance. Obvious amongst the many temples and shrines which dot the land and the welcoming chime of locals practicing their songs and performances within the compounds of their villages which can be heard among the hustle and bustle of traffic. It is this mix of ethnic backgrounds which supports the Indonesian adage 'unity through diversity'.


Endangered and endemic species have found refuge within the fertile islands. From the inauspicious Komodo Dragon to the king of the jungle the orangutan, Sumatran elephants, tigers and rhinos – you’re guaranteed a magical experience regardless of which corner of the country you visit.

Indonesia’s government has taken a strong stance in preserving the environments of its flora and fauna by creating National Parks and conservation areas which draw research groups and become a refuge for many rare species including some 327 species of Birds of Paradise.


The Indonesia throughflow is the largest movement of water on the planet and explains the biodiversity and nutrient-rich waters which causes the abundance of marine ecology unlike anywhere else and named among some of the best dive spots in the world to go in search of manta ray, black tip reef sharks and an abundance of larger pelagic.

The Indonesian Archipelago are some of the untouched diamonds on the planet where one can explore reefs, caves, wrecks and pinnacles to discover schools of fish, turtles and pygmy seahorses.


The intoxicating land of the Indonesian islands is some of the worlds greatest adventures to be explored. Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the most active seismic region on the planet their volcanoes are not only the most spectacular they are also the most dynamic and energetic.

The diverse landscape of mountain ranges, lush rainforest and uninterrupted rice fields will detach you from any modern-day stresses.



Planning early is the key to a successful Indonesia experience for you and your guests. Reach out and we’ll guide you through the planning process and necessary considerations.

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