Season: February - Mid December


Nestled at the eastern end of Nusa Tenggara is the Alor Archipelago encompassing 20 islands and 17 sub districts the government protected area hosts an array of splendors, attracting avid divers and those wishing to understand the unique culture of the highland people.

The sea is a mecca of captivating marine life amongst pristine waters and incredible visibility of up to 40 meters making it one of the worlds most impressive dive sites and areas to spot large species including whales and sharks which migrate through the strait. Hosting some of the best five spots stretching from Alor Island to Pantar Island and including the Pantar Strait. Not only does the area boast a dreamy underwater ecology there are many cultural opportunities to explore and delve into.

The inhabitants of Alor are still very much living and preserving traditional ways of life. Occupied by various sub-ethnic groups the unique culture is prominent in the village of Lembur Barat by the Takapala indigenous group who live here.
Houses constructed in pyramid shapes, covered with coconut leaves, bamboo plaited walls and four main wooden pillars. Also named the island of a Thousand Mokos after a small bronze kettledrum which is thought to have originated from the roots of Vietnam and brought to the island. These unique artifacts and many others are on showcase at the Museum of A Thousand Mokos. Located in the main town on Kalabahi it's a great way to fully appreciate the history and learn more about the Alor people.

Pura Alor is the largest and most inhabited island in the Alor Pantar Strait with a land mass of four nautical miles across and a mountainous interior which rises to almost 1050 metres. Due to its position, the water temperature at Pura Alor can vary considerably but some great diving is still possible and should not be overlooked.
The area has been well treated by locals who still use sustainable fishing methods to encourage the preservation of marine life and sustain its astonishing seascape and colorful coral.

Pulau Ternate is a limestone island rising 800m out the northern tip of the Alor Pantar Strait and surrounded with a reef which plunges into depths just a few meters offshore. The diving opportunities here range from sloping reefs, walls, overhangs and caverns with the northern part showcasing shallow reefs and sandy bays.

Enjoy the serenity of Kepa Island. Secluded and far from civilization and the reason this unspoiled location promotes a pristine environment and crystal blue seawater. Easily accessible by yachts wanting to cruise, enjoy multiple watersports and discover many natural attractions. Swimming, snorkeling and diving is the main drawcard but parking up to enjoy the beaches or visiting the traditionally built cottages on cliffs near the beach. Currents can be strong in the drop-offs when the tide is going out so caution should be taken in these areas. This part of Alor offers beauty and a peaceful nuance with only a few villagers actually residing there.