Season: August - December

Diving, Snorkeling, Wildlife

The Kai Islands (or Kei Islands) are a group of islands in the south-east of Maluku Province and a sought after venue for watersport. Diving, snorkelling pristine beaches and land exploration such as caving, trekking and climbing are all possible.
It’s an excellent spot for big game fishing and the island groups are home to some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches. Long, powder white sand spits are perfect for beach setups and romantic walks. The azure waters of the region are isolated and calm and can be traversed by jet ski or paddle board to fully appreciate its natural beauty where the shallow bays and sandbanks make it a great area for kite surfers. Exploring the areas hidden waterways and clearings is only one part of what Kai Islands has on offer. Areas on the islands itself are mountainous densely forested ecoregions which adds to its beauty and make it home to many wildlife species.

Dive and snorkeling enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the active sea life, fish, reefs and coral with many of the areas a breeding ground for some rare and protected species such as the leatherback turtle. Due to its climate and location, the Australian Pelican migrates to Ngurtafur Beach which stretches across the open sea on Warbal Island and can be spotted during certain times of the year. The beach is also known as snake beach for its natural form and is also home to remarkable marine life and colourful coral reefs.

Made up of numerous islets the Kai islands do have some exclusive areas only accessible by private boat. Bair Island is also known as Mini Raja Ampat which namely describes its magical vistas. Here visitors can be treated to 20-metre sand dunes, shallow glass-like waters for spotting an array of colourful fish, octopus and crab. For more of the adventure-seeking type climbing the 7-metre cliff on the southern part of the beach to overlook the spectacular landscape.

Gua Hawang may be one of the most famous areas to visit with its crystal clear water and freshwater swimming hole which has yet to be determined where the freshwater originates from. Take in the amazing caves and formations of stalactites and stalagmites which can also be found at Ohoidertawun Beach which adventurous spirits can search out the human body remains and ancient petroglyphs easily seen along the beach and add to the rich history of the area. Other areas can be accessed by road by private car or scooter if your game. The dirt roads are not for the faint hearted but once you arrive at the coconut lined white sand beaches and turquoise waters you’ll know you’ve arrived in paradise.