Season: April - May & September - October

Island & marine wildlife

Located nearly one hundred miles off the Banda Islands is the andesitic volcanic island of Manuk. The island rises 3000 meters from the Banda sea floor at the easternmost part of the Indonesian Island arc. Its land is uninhabited, with sea vents surrounded by yellow sulphur blowing steam and fumes made up of steep cliffs and a jagged rocky coastline make going on land virtually impossible.
However, making the trip to visit the island should not be overlooked as its birdlife and marine life are vast and busy.

Sea birds, frigate birds, gannets, brown and white boobies and other marine birds make it known to visitors that this is there home by circling overhead and the surrounding seas. Huge schools of barracuda can be found along with scores of sea snakes and while no confirmed historical eruptions are reported the warmth from the volcano bubbles up through the water showing off its activity to visitors.