Season: January - June

Diving, Snorkeling, Marine Wildlife

Located on the coastal region east of Kaimana and a small harbor town southwest of West Papua often labelled the mini Raja Ampat. Triton Bay is an up and coming site known for its magnificent scenery, limestone like islands, abundant marine life and alluring flora and fauna. It’s accessible only by boat and around thirty kilometers off Kaimana where flights arriving from Ambon and Sorong embark.

Although diving is what draws underwater enthusiasts from all over the world to its shores there are many other activities which can also be enjoyed. Secluded bays and lush landscapes explored by kayak are a wonderful way to absorb the bays natural surroundings. Relax on the beach or dive into the gin-like water for snorkeling to explore calmer reefs, coral coastlines and spot whale sharks swimming nearby. Because of its remote location more often than not you will have the entire beach to enjoy yourself.

Visiting the local village of Lobo surrounded by 1000 meter high cliffs is a real experience. The community is friendly and willing to teach others about their daily activities, cultural customs, and techniques for survival in such remote parts. Ancient paintings are decorative art which adorns cave walls and is a prehistoric centerpiece to these coastal regions.

Delve into a unique underwater habitat of exposed rocks where seamounts have become home to large schools of fish and pelagic. Strong current areas of these parts are lined with soft coral and hunting reefs. An extraordinary collection of marine species live amongst weeds and black coral forests, home to scorpion fish, sea moths, ghost pipefish and bob-tailed squid. These warmer waters are a breeding ground for an impressive list of species where it’s not uncommon to find leopard shark, nudibranchs, yellow pygmy seahorses, wobbegong and large schools of barracuda. If time allows a night dive, the experience is out of this world spectacular. Scientists explored this area for the last decade and discovered many endemic species as well as a large number of bigger reef fish including grouper, snapper, Bryde’s whales, epaulette sharks, millions of fusiliers and a nesting area for turtles.
Whale sharks hang around to feed off anchovies from fishing platforms and while viewing them is not guaranteed to wait around for darkness may increase chances of an encounter with them. Triton Bay diving is distinctly different from other locations in West Papua where visibility is slightly reduced but fish life and species are more abundant.

Exploring this paradisiacal stretch by private yacht allows you the chance of seeing the best the island has to offer including a stopover to explore the striking macro life of Ambon on the way. Dotted along the water’s edge are small villages protected by the natural barrier of offshore limestone. While white sand beaches and crystal-clear bays stretch the southern coastline. Most, only accessible by boat and protected conservation sites preserving the landscape and marine life. Triton Bay boasts world-class diving spots firm in history with the opportunity to see some of the most unique habitats and endemic species in an area possibly as far from civilization as you can get.